Sr. No. Particulars of the Project Location
1 Construction of P.S.Q. Cat  B-32 & C-01  unit at Songadh. Dist. Surat Gujarat State
2 Construction of P.S.Q. Cat. B-20, C-24, D-06 & E-01 at Sabarmati Central Jail, Ahemdabad Gujarat State
3 Construction of P.S.Q. Cat. B-32 units P.H.Q. at Ghaludi. Dist: Surat. Gujarat State
4 Development of Minor fishery Harbour port at Dholai Phase – II Gujarat State
5 Construction of P.G. Hostel Building at SVNIT, Surat Gujarat State
6 Extension of Third P.G. Hostel in SVNIT, Surat Gujarat State
7 Construction of Police Staff Qtrs.Cat. B-24 Units & Police Station at Olpad, Diat: Surat Gujarat State
8 Construction of P.S.Q unit B-80 at Memdavad Dist. Kheda Gujarat State
9 Construction of E-Type quarters,at SVNIT,Surat Gujarat State
10 Construction Cad-Lab-1 at SVNIT,Surat Gujarat State
11 Construction of 1056 Flatsunder JnNURM-BSUP for Urban Poor at H-4,Package No.1 at Kosad,Surat Gujarat State